jQuery Live Filter Plugin

by strx on April 18, 2011

None of the live filter plugins I’ve found in Internet do exacly what I want so I’ve decided to write my own.

It’s very simple and at the same time elastic because it can be used to filter almost everything can be grouped and identified via jQuery. See this sample:

Here I’ve used it to filter table rows, an unordered list and some paragraphs with a single call:

$('input').livefilter({selector:'tbody tr, li, p'});

Available Options

  • selector: jQuery style selector that identifies the set of elements to filter
  • debounce: Time to wait in ms before starting filtering; every time a keyup event is detected, the plugin waits for the number of milliseconds specified in debounce before starting the job

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You can download it from jQuery plugin page or contribute to the development on GitHub, feel free to fork it.

Playing with Nodester

by strx on April 7, 2011

Nodester is an “open source Node.js hosting platform built on a RESTful API running in the cloud”. It means that you request a nodester account, install node and npm on your PC and in minutes you can deploy a Node.js app with a public domain name like yourapp.nodester.com … very very simple and powerful (and it is free).

They merged the power of Node, with the flexibility of Git, so when you push a commit to the server, they restart your app automatically.

To test it I’ve deployed an app that parses browsers user-agents and returns a JSON object with each user-agent field; you can test it here or request to parse a user-agent via GET passing ua as a parameter; jQuery example:

    alert('Using '+rv.name+' v:'+rv.version+' on '+rv.os);

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Node.js learning and debugging

by strx on April 2, 2011

I’ve started a github project that could help people learn how Node.js works and see if it could be used to replace BASH+Apache+PHP code. While studying I’ve discovered a great debugging helper, node-inspector: it uses any webkit-based browser integrated inspector to let you debug, step by step, your node code.

Based on this I’ve written a bash helper (I’m on Ubuntu 10.10 but it should works on other environments too) that automatically launch the program, a new google-chrome tab and the debugger.

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WordPress Chat Plugin

by strx on March 8, 2011

I’m working on a new plugin that, like title say, will let you chat with your blog visitors in real-time. I’ts a new concept chat, not a long polling chat, that uses new technologies (Node.js, Faye and Redis).
I’ve made a demo video to show how hot it is:

I’ts not flahs, it’s not an IFrame, it’s not an object; It’s only HTML+Javascript and no plugin is needed to work. It can also work in multidomain mode letting you chat from one site to another transparently.

I’m looking for beta testers, comment this post if you are interested. Thank you.

Resizable Crypted Folders

by strx on January 5, 2011

Following some short commands to setup a resizable crypted virtual folder based on famous linux tools:

- losetup lets you associate loop devices with regular files or block devices
- LVM (Logical Volume Manager) lets you create virtual volumes adding and removing phisical devices as you need it
- cryptsetup, part of the Linux Unified Key Setup, lets you crypt phisical or virtual drives

The goal is to create a crypted folder, being able to add more space when we need it.
This guide has been written and tested on Ubuntu 10.10.

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